Where Caught / Raised

  1.  31 – Atlantic, Western-Central

Farm Raised Cobia

Mariculture is the main alternative in the future for healthy protein.

Cobia is a native fish with a tremendous potential for reaching 11 pounds in weight in 12 months. It has an excellent quality and textured meat with a high content of Omega 3, making it ideal for sushi and other excellent seafood recipes.

Farming operations consist of two stages: Nursery and Grow-Out, both carried out in 845,351 gallon ocean cages.

Quality Certifications

Our Cobia farming plant has obtained international recognition for the high quality of our farm raised products and processing standards. Our laboratory performs physicochemical and bacteriological tests on every single lot of raw material as well as finished product that passes through our processing plant. 

Our Cobia farming plant holds quality certifications with HACCP, Food & Drug Administration, ISO 9001:2000 and BASC.

At Beacon Fisheries, Quality comes First!


General Description

The Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) are distinguished by having a broad flattened head and a long cylindrical shaped body. They are chocolate brown to black with white underneath. Cobia can also have two horizontal white stripes running the length of the body. These stripes fade with age. They have a large tail, which becomes more forked with age and the upper lobe larger than the lower. The second dorsal fin is peaked and continues on towards the tail. This prominent second dorsal fin, the large pectoral fins, the larger upper tail lobe, and the flattened head all combine to give the Cobia a shark like appearance.

Similar or Other Names

Ling, Lemonfish, Crabeater, Sergeanfish, Bonito, Cabio and Cubby yew.

Eating Qualities

The firm, white meat with a mild flavor is considered a chef’s favorite. Versatile, Cobia can be prepared on the grill, broiled, fried, smoked, or steamed. It is also widely used as raw in sashimi or sushi.

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