New Miami Facilities

20160215_124622_resizedWe are excited to report that solid progress continues on our new facilities in Miami. Located off of NW 25th St. We will be positioned in ideal proximity to receive cargo from the cargo terminal of MIA airport. The best part of the facility will be the extra space that we have needed for a long time, but that’s just the start of it.

 20160122_110145_resizedWe are thrilled to finally have a facility that will feature fully refrigerated docks, plenty of doors for trucks, a large freezer, well designed work-flow, and a large parking lot. Upon moving into the building we intend to promptly pursue one of the Global Food Safety Initiative certification systems to ensure that more than ever our clients can count on the products that they purchase from us. Keep posted for more updates on the building and hopefully in just a few weeks we will be moving in! Here are a few sneak peeks!      

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