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For more specifics on our sustainability practices, please call our office at 904-641-7778.

Our Commitments and Principles

Sustainable seafood can be defined as seafood that is raised, harvested or caught in a manner that protects the population of the target species and its environment for the future.

Beacon Fisheries believes in our responsibility to act as stewards of the environment and we are committed to the important issue of seafood sustainability. With this in mind, we recognize that by sourcing responsibly we can help protect the environment and the food supply for our grandchildren and beyond.

To achieve this goal, we encourage our suppliers to share the same ideas and strive to raise and harvest seafood in a sustainable manner.

Full Supply Chain Traceability

Beacon Fisheries currently participates with Trace Register for customers who require this service. We also encourage our suppliers to have full records of species origin and processes for traceability.

We support traceability from Fish to Fork and Trawler to Table.

Sustainable Fishing
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