Grouper Closure

Another year has flown by and the Mexican grouper closure is upon us.  2017 came to a close with grouper production once again trending down from previous years, and prices trending up.  This year’s conservation period will mirror last year’s and extend a full two months from February 1st through March 31st

Lots of boats will be unloaded through this current week and plenty of grouper should be available through the first week of February. Don’t forget that it will likely take until mid-April for Grouper landings to begin to normalize again.

In addition to reminding you of specifics of this closure, we also would like to reinforce the importance of this conservation measure in encouraging the Mexican fleet to be good stewards of their grouper and snapper resources.  This year we expect unprecedented effort to enforce and police the closure, which we at Beacon applaud.  The closure also extends even to the southern gulf states (such as Tabasco), so please do not be deceived…any and all grouper landings from Atlantic and gulf waters of Mexico are prohibited during this period!

The effort toward responsible seafood stewardship in Mexico is a work in progress.  We admire the dedication and hard work of the Mexican fishermen and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  They also need our support to continue promoting good practices, and avoiding any temptation for corruption or inappropriate exploitation of natural resources.  This closure is an important step in that direction.  If you have interest in furthering the cause of sustainability in Mexico please reach out as we do need all the help we can get!