COVID-19 Update

Beacon Fisheries is has been hit hard by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and has been playing close attention to all the reports on the virus and have been taking the necessary precautions to prevent any potential spread of the virus. The Beacon Fisheries team has also stayed on top of the effects the crisis has had on the seafood industry and has worked to adapt accordingly. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone with the fear of contracting the virus as well as the economic impact it is having on the economy as a whole. Although everyone has experienced some changes and sacrifices, I am grateful to all our employees for maintaining great attitudes and working very unselfishly through this difficult time in the history of our company. Many team members were asked to work from home or make other sacrifices and everyone reduced hours and pay to help the company. We stayed open through all of this to serve our customers every day and our team is still committed to providing the best service we can despite the difficult and uncertain times within our industry. We have done everything we can to help both our suppliers and our customers through this Covid-19 crisis as well. Though things are starting to look up for the seafood industry we understand things may not go back to the old normal immediately and we are here to help our customers and suppliers through all of this to the best of our ability. This has been a great opportunity to serve others and think outside the box.


Thanks to a great group of co-laborers. I love working alongside each of you!


Mike Eddy (President)