Beacon Fisheries Starts Cooking Classes through new Beacon Kitchen

Beacon Kitchen is a test kitchen and cooking school we created in our office building. This Test Kitchen was created for the sole purpose of being a seafood education and learning center for teaching people how to cooking seafood as well as learning how to properly buy seafood and learn more about the products being sold. Beacon Fisheries and its sister retail company has the goal to show people that seafood does not have to be intimidating. In order to do this, we are going to bring in some of the best seafood chefs in Jacksonville on special occasions that we sell seafood to through our restaurant wholesale division so they can show you how to impress your family members with delicious and fun meals. We will also have a in house Chef Chris Cooper, Beacon Fisheries Corporate Chef that will teach most of our weekly cooking classes, with our President and founder Mike Eddy participating in some classes to help teach people about the seafood they are buying.

Chef Chris Cooper