Seven Arrows Shrimp Brand

Beacon has a new Brand of premium White shrimp. The Seven Arrows brand is named after the Beacon Fisheries founder, Mike Eddy and his family. A long-time commercial fisherman based in Jacksonville, Florida, Mike launched Beacon in 1996 as a seafood importing enterprise. While Mike and his wife Karen raised their seven children, they often referred to their children as their seven arrows who at some point in time have each contributed a unique role in the company. Since its founding, Beacon has grown to incorporate wholesale and retail operations, providing the highest quality of sustainable imported and local seafood to customers across the U.S.

So what makes the difference?:

  • All Shrimp under the Seven Arrows brand is processed in our own new shrimp processing facility in Jacksonville.
  • Only premium quality shrimp are selected for packing in the 7 Arrows box. (Firm texture, good color, fresh smell, little to no black spot)
  • 7 Arrows Brand is always machine graded and consistent sizing (Never boat run).
  • Always local East Coast White Shrimp production (Mostly from our own dock in St. Augustine Florida)
  • Blast frozen to retain quality