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These hard shelled crustaceans are prized the world over for their sweet white meat and are recognized in two categories, Clawed and Spiny lobsters. Most lobster is harvested by specially designed traps catching only marketable size lobster while allowing the undersized catch to be returned to the sea to continue to grow. The balance is caught by divers who harvest each individual measuring it for legal size before placing it in a catch bag for harvest. Lesser catches of Slipper Lobster and Langostinos offer more valuable price points when available.

Clawed lobster, chiefly known as Maine Lobster (Homarus americanus), is found from coastal New England through the Canadian Maritimes. It is marketed throughout the world in various product forms (live, raw tails, claw meat, body meat).

Spiny lobster (also known as Rock Lobster) lives on rocky bottom in both cold and warm waters.

The body has spines for protection and long spiny antennae to ward off predators. Found in most of the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa; this lobster is usually marketed as frozen tails.

How was my Lobster Caught?

  • Trap Caught
  • Diver

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