The number one seller for Beacon Fisheries for almost two decades, grouper is caught by many recreational and commercial fishermen and is a delicacy in the coastal communities of the southeast. The species resides in shallow waters (typically less than about 200 feet), in warmer sub-tropical waters. There are a number of common sub-species found around the globe but Red, Black, Gag, and Yellowedge are the most well-known. The most common sizes marketed tend to range from about 3 pounds up to 50. Culinary options abound as grouper cooks well in many presentations. A well prepared grouper fillet will feature semi-firm texture that flakes lightly, with an attractive white appearance and a mild flavor profile.

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The grouper family has many unique and colorful varieties found worldwide in subtropical waters. The most common species marketed by Beacon from the Atlantic Ocean are: Red Grouper, Black (or Carborita), Gag (or Grey), Yellowedge, Snowy, Fireback, Scamp, and Strawberry. From the Pacific Ocean, Beacon also enjoys a year round supply of Pacific Red and Black Grouper. Although similar to their cousins from the Atlantic, they are not identical.