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The snapper family is very diverse and colorful, and is well known in nearly all tropical and sub-tropical coastal communities. Smaller snappers are often cooked whole being fried, steamed, or even grilled. Larger snappers are normally filleted or portioned and the meat is often cooked skin/on.

Largely found in reefs and over hard bottom. A few sub-species can be found in up to 1000 ft of water, but most of them reside in much shallower water. Snapper production tends to be quite seasonal, however Beacon handles nearly 20 different types of snapper and you can count on year-round availability of one type or another!

Sourcing snappers from a dozen different countries Beacon is able to offer year-round availability of fresh and frozen snapper. The most common sub-species that we handle on a regular basis are: American Reds, Yellowtails, Pacific Lanes, Hogfish, Silk Snapper, Beeliners, Muttons, and Mangrove.

How was my Snapper Caught?

  • Artisanal Day Boat
  • Longline
  • Hook and Line

Availability & Habitat

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