Corvina is a resilient Central and South American delicacy. It is the preferred fish for Ceviche in Latin American Countries. This species is a member of the drum family “Sciaenidae”, similar to the redfish, or red drum caught along the Southeast and Gulf coasts of the US. The meat shares many characteristics with Grouper and makes a great Grouper substitute during seasons of low Grouper production and high prices.


Golden Corvina is the preferred sub species and normally commands a higher price in the market. It is easily distinguished by the bright yellow coloring on the fins, belly, and gill plates. The next most desirable sub species would be the Silver (or White) Corvina. The Corvina Agria is normally smaller and the least desirable of the three sub species and is normally a lower price than the other two sub species. Corvina is also the Spanish name for our Speckled Trout we catch in the Southeastern US and in Mexican waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Though some similarities exist it is not the same fish as the Corvina listed above and should not be confused with the Speckled Trout from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Golden Corvina: (Most desirable and most expensive sub species)
  • ii. Silver Corvina
  • Corvina Agria: (Least desirable and least expensive sub species, normally smaller size as well)
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