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Kingklip is a very unique fish, and a great way to add diversification to any list of offerings. Characterized for its white, moist, tender and slightly sweet meat, Kingklip can be prepared in many different styles.

Native to the South African coasts and the Pacific coasts of Central and South America, Kingklip is caught in depths of over 100ft on small fishing vessels that typically fish for only a few days. Short trips allow for superior quality and a good shelf life. Kingklip supply can be seasonal and unpredictable, but tends to be more readily available in the fall and winter months. A great alternative for those looking for a great fish at a lower price.

Although there are several sub species of Kingklip we will only list the two that are sold by Beacon Fisheries which are Red and Golden Kingklip. These two varieties both have creamy white fillets that turn white when cooked. The texture is dense with large flakes.

How was my Kingclip Caught?

  • Artisanal Day Boat
  • Longline

Availability & Habitat

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