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Mahi is a bountiful and beautiful pelagic species that is caught worldwide in subtropical offshore waters. Its bright green and yellow body speckled with iridescent blue dots make it one of the most beautiful and sought after fish in the ocean.

The name Mahi-Mahi means “very strong” in the Hawaiian language probably referring to the way they fight when on a hook and line. This fish is also known as “Dorado” in many areas of the world. Mahi are known to grow and reproduce extremely fast which ranks them very high on sustainability charts.

We specialize in sourcing day boat Mahi that is caught on artisanal boats which typically leave and return to port within 24-48 hours. This fish is superior quality, texture, and color. Mahi is lean with a firm texture which makes it an excellent choice for grilling but can also be fried, sautéed, broiled or baked.

How was my Mahi Caught?

  • Hook and Line

Availability & Habitat

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