Swordfish (or Broadbill Swordfish) is a highly migratory, deep water pelagic specie that can be found near the surface feeding at night. Fish range in size from 50 pounds to occasionally over 400 pounds. Currents and moon phases play a big part when harvesting Swordfish. In the late 1990’s Atlantic Swordfish were heavily overfished and stocks were dangerously low but now Swordfish stocks have recovered and are one the great fisheries management success stories. NOAA refers to the Atlantic Swordfish as one of the most environmentally responsible pelagic longline fisheries in the world. Swordfish are graded by taking a sample cut near the tail, examining the color of the bloodline, texture, and freshness of the meat. Grading is done at our plant, to ensure grades, quality, and specific needs of every customer.

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